Leveling Setup

Last updated 24 days ago

Information regarding how to setup the Leveling module

General Setup Walk through

See the command table below to learn about the commands more

  1. Make sure Play has the appropriate permissions to run leveling properly

  2. Enabling Leveling >module leveling

  3. Configure your leveling settings with >levelset

  4. Setup your reward roles with >reward

  5. Ignore any text/vc channels you don't want people to get XP from with >ignore

  6. Enjoy!

Have any questions or concerns? Maybe a bug? Drop by our support server and we'll be happy to assist you as soon as we can!

Setup Commands




>module leveling

Enable/Disable the module


>help leveling

Displays all the commands for leveling



Base command for configuring leveling


>levelset ?

Learn how to configure the leveling settings


>levelset levels

Displays all levels and the XP needed for them


>debug roles

Displays all roles Gaius can manage



Base command for configuring level rewards


>reward add/rem @rolename or Rolename

Example of adding a new reward role



Reset a users XP and Level Roles



Ignore a member, role or channel so it/they are no longer tracked for XP XP cannot be earned by them or in that channel



No longer ignores that user, role or channel from XP tracking.

XP can be earned by them or in that channel again


Setup Variables

The base command to configure leveling settings is >levelset




Resets the entire xp system - irreversible


Every x minutes the person will earn XP

Example: One XP every 5 minutes when talking


Every x minutes of talking in VC the person will earn XP

Example: One XP every 5 minutes of talking in VC


Sets the initial cost for level one


Multiplies the rank cost every level by this to increase the difficulty overtime

Recommended: 80 - Good challenge overtime


How much XP they get everytime they auto receive it for their activity


Where users will get notified when they level up

Options: #channel or dm


If a user levels up and can rankup to more than one role the bot will ask them which role they want in your configured location.

Options: #channel or dm

How does BASE and MODIFIER work?

Alright so this is going to be a very popular question, we'll try to explain it as easily and simple as possible for you here!

The MODIFIER is the percentage of the base cost to add per level. So let's say the MODIFIER is set to 75, that means Play is adding 75% of the base for every level gained alongside some other additions. In the end every level will get harder for people to obtain overtime.

Reward message variables

Use these to automatically input certain data in your reward messages.




Posts the relevant level number to the level up


The users name


The guild name


The rewarded role name