Setup Guide

To the point, what to do and how.

This may look like a lot of work, but it's only one time you need to deal with this. In the end you'll have a full leveling system for your community. If you need help or have a question, drop by our support server.

Initial Start

  1. Invite the bot

  2. If > being the prefix is an issue use >prefix to change the prefix. (E.g !prefix ?)

  3. Ensure Play has Manage Roles and is higher than the roles you're going to award people at certain levels.

  4. Enable the Leveling Module with >module leveling


This is where things can get confusing, don't worry you won't have to deal with it again after and it isn't going to kill you.

Here's an overview of what each setting is and means when you do >levelset




Within X minutes users will gain XP if they're actively talking.

>levelset texttime 5 (Recommended)


Within X minutes users will gain XP if they're actively talking in VC.

>levelset voicetime 15 (Recommended)


Starting level cost

>levelset base 15 (Recommended)


Scales how much XP the future levels will be to obtain. >levelset modifier 80 (Recommended)


How much XP users receive from actively Text and Voice chatting >levelset amount 5 (Recommended)


Where levelup messages go

>levelset channel #channel


If you are a Patreon and have Tree Leveling this sets where users will get asked what role path they want.

>levelset question #channel


Default levelup message unless otherwise stated when creating a reward role.

>levelset response You leveled up %user to %level in %guild and received %role!


Decides if users get pinged upon leveling up.

>levelset ping true or false


When users get a new reward role this decides if they loose the previous and gain the new one or keep all of the roles they earn.

>levelset autoremove on or off


By default servers can have up-to 6 reward roles given for free. If you'd like more subscribe to our Patreon for as little as $3 for a nearly unlimited cap and much more.

Example setup for a standard free server: Adjust the rolenames etc as needed to fit your needs.

  1. >reward add Level1 - Respond with None to start the leveling system and answer the rest.

  2. >reward add Level2 - Respond with Level1 and answer the rest

  3. >reward add Level3 - Respond with Level2 and answer the rest

Now you have the basics! Essentially you're creating a chain of roles people will level through. Once they have enough XP for Level2 they'll gain that role and start earning towards the Level3 role and so on!

If you want to edit a reward at anytime use >reward edit rolename To delete a reward role do >reward rem rolename

That's all! You've finished setting up the leveling system for your server. Below is just some extra tuning you can do to make it suit your needs a bit more!


Learn about advanced perm tuning here.

Sometimes you need to adjust some things, for example no gaining XP in the bot channel or letting Helpers award XP etc. Here's some quick guides to doing so!

How do I let a role be able to award XP to others



>allow award role Moderator

Now users with the Moderator role can use >award

>free award role Moderator

Now the Moderator role can no longer use >award

>cmdperm award

Will display any command tuning you've set for >award

NOTE: When awarding users XP, make sure to have them do >levelup after.

Channel whitelist



>restrict level #bot-spam

Now >level can only be used in #bot-spam

>free level

No longer restricts >level to #bot-spam

How do I block someone from gaining XP in voice channels?



>ignore vc@mention/userID

The mentioned user can no longer gain Voice XP


The user can no longer gain XP


That user can gain XP again

>recog vc@mention/userID

That user can gain Voice XP again

How do i stop XP earning in a text channel?



>ignore #channel

Users can no longer gain XP in that text channel

>ignore Public Channels

Users can no longer gain XP in that category

>recog #channel

Users can gain XP in that channel again

>recog Public Channels

Users can gain XP in that category again